Our Services


• Registration/accreditation with PILO and POEA of employers.

• Worker/personnel search.

• Manpower pooling.

• Screening, Assesment, and interview (when delegated).

• Services relative to FRA/Employer visit to Manila (Transport, Hotel Accommodation, other allied services).

• Facilitation and referral of applicants for attendance to PEOS and other training, as needed.

• Assistance on documentation (passport, Visa, Clearances, etc.).

• Facilitation and referral for medical examination.


• Testing and training.

• Pre-departure orientation.

• Booking and ticketing.

• Deployment.

• Facilitation and referral PDOS.

• Airline booking and ticketing.


The Company also provides services to both workers and employers after deployment, such as embassy and POLO representation and coordination, worksite visit, family visit and communication, and in rare instances of problems arising from the worker's employment, welfare services.